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Wind Power

Since time immemorial, the landscape and its inhabitants have been shaped by one of nature's most powerful forces - wind. Borne from differential solar heating of air masses, wind can manifest itself as a gentle summer breeze one day and a funnel-shaped tower of destruction on the next.

Historically, we've used wind to pump water for livestock, grind grain, power our sails, and dry our clothes. Today, wind is also being harnessed to produce electricity. Public utilities, investors and consumers are waking up to the value of wind power. The basic concept of harnessing wind's kinetic energy and converting it into something useful has not changed, but the technology has. Today's wind turbines are more efficient and reliable than those built thirty years ago. And wind energy is becoming increasingly cost competitive compared with using conventional fossil fuel for electricity generation.

Wind energy is becoming an increasingly affordable option for supplying part or all of the electricity needed by agricultural producers and rural landowners. Even suburban residences with as little as one-half acre of land can utilize wind energy where zoning laws allow it. Current government tax incentives and rebates make wind power even more cost-effective.

Owning your power generation system provides peace of mind. it also gives you a hedge against future inflation, because once the system is installed, a quality-built wind turbine will require minimal additional expenditure going forward.

Best of all, wind power is clean and renewable. It is never depleted and it doesn't pollute. In fact, a recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy Ames Laboratory suggests that large wind turbines installed amidst crop land actually benefit crop yields by mixing the air to keep crops cooler in the heat of summer, warmer during cool periods, and by drying plant leaf surfaces more quickly, which reduces the ability of fungi and toxins to grow on plants. To view a video about the wind turbine / cropland study visit

A wind turbine is an investment. You commit money up front, and once the system is operational, it begins paying you back. How quickly it returns your investment depends on the wind speed at your site and the wind system you purchase.

There are now over 100 companies worldwide that are manufacturing wind turbines. The most reliable turbines on the market today can be expected to operate 30 years or more. New and untested turbines may survive only weeks or months before needing repair work, and may not provide the kind of electricity production results advertised by their manufacturers.

Make sure the wind turbine you choose has a track record of reliability backed by a company with years of experience manufacturing wind turbines.

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